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Pre-historic India

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Previous years Questions:

মানুষের আবিষ্কৃত প্রথম ধাতুটি হল A. ললাহা B. অ্যালুবমবনয়াম C. 􀊌 D. তামা
Preliminary 2011
‘House burials’ are reported from :
(A) Gufral in Kashmir (B) Ghaligal - in the northeast (C) Uleri in Almora (D) Balathal in Rajasthan
Mains 2015
Where do we find the three phases, viz. Paleolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic Cultures in sequence ?
(A) Belan Valley (B) Krishna Valley (C) Godavari Valley (D) Kashmir Valley
Mains 2015
Which of the following is not a principal tool of the Early Stone Age ?
(A) Scrapper (B) Handaxe (C) Cleaver (D) Chopper
Mains 2015
At which of the following places has the largest belt of painted rock shelter of pre-historic period been found ?
(A) Bhaja (B) Bhimbetka (C) Bagor (D) Ajanta
Mains 2014

Youtube Lectures:
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Written Notes
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