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Location and Physical Divisions of India

Notes: Location and Extent of India (Source Unacade1)

  1. points to remember:
  2. india located in Northern Hemisphere(উত্তর গোলার্ধ)
  3. india shares 2.4 % land of the world
  4. 7th largest country in terms of size
  5. total area of india
  6. total boundary of india
  7. total costal boundary of india
  8. east,west,north,south points of india(only location name)
  9. indian mean time is measured in Mirzapur of Up.
  10. India shares maximum boundary with Bangaladesh
  11. Radcliff line- india pak border
  12. mcmohan line : India china border
  13. durand line:india afgan bordrr
  14. highest and lowest point of india
  15. tropic of cancer pasas through which states

Physical Divisions of India
Previous Years Questions:

   1. The Hindustan Tibet Road connecting Shimla with Gartok in western Tibet passes through -(A) Shilpi La pass        (B) Zoji La Pass       (C)  Thaga La pass       (D)  Jelep La pass                                         Mains 2014
     2)    The Zaskar is one of the main ranges of(A) The-great Himalayan Systems(B) The Trans Himalayan Systems(C) The Central Himalayan Systems(D) The Middle Himalayan Systems                               Mains 2014
     3)    The Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea came into being during(A) Cretaceous of early tertiary period(B) Middle of upper pleistocene period(C) Middle Miocene to lower Pleistocene period(D) Pleistocene to Quaternary period        Mains 2014
        4)    Fat lands are(A) Stepped Plateau       (B) High level laterite plateau       (C) Flat topped hills      (D) Plateau with isolated hills  Mains 2014
          5)    Which ocean deep is located in Indian Oc(A) Murray      (B) Tonga       (C) Sunda       (D) Mariana   Mains 2014
6)    Unlike other parts of the Indian Coast, fishing industry has not developed along the Saurashtra Coast because       (A) There are few indentations suitable for fishing       (B) Of overwhelming dependence on agriculture and animal husbandry       (C) The sea water is relatively more saline       (D) Of industrial development leading to wide spread pollution of coastal area         Mains 2015

7)    The Western Ghats in Maharashtra is known as       (A) Nilgiris        (B) Cardamom Hills        (C) Annamalai        (D) Sahyadris   Mains 2015

8)    The upliftment of the Himalayas was first initiated during the period of-       (A) Middle Pliocene        (B) Middle Oligocene       (C) Middle Eocene       (D) Middle Miocene             Mains 2015

9)    Structurally, the Great Himalaya is -       (A) An autochthonous zone        (B) A par-autochthonous zone       (C) An allochthonous zone         (D) A Suture zone     Mains 2015

10)  Indian’s Eastern Ghats and Western Ghats meet at the -       (A) Cardamom Hills        (B) Annamalai Hills        (C) Nilgiri Hills       (D) Palani Hills          Mains 2015

11)  Which one of the following is at the lowest height above the Mean Sea Level ?       (A) Delhi        (B) Jodhpur        (C) Kota        (D) Nagpur              Mains 2015

12)  Which of the following Islands of India has volcanic origin ?       (A) Car-Nicobar       (B) Barren        (C) North Andaman       (D) Little Nicobar             Mains 2015

13)  Which one of the following statements is incorrect ?       (A) Diu is an island in the Gulf of Khambhat       (B) Daman and Diu were separated from Goa by the 56th Amendment of the Constitution of India       (C) Dadra and Nagar Haveli were under French Colonial Rule till 1954       (D) Goa attained full statehood in 1987 Mains 2015

14)  Among the following cities which one is the nearest to the tropic of Cancer ?       (A) Delhi        (B) Kolkata         (C) Jodhpur         (D) Nagpur      Mains 2015

15)  Which one of the following is most prone to earth quake ?       (A) High hill tops          (B) Young folded mountain         (C) Oil Shields        (D) All of the above      Mains 2015

16)  The highest peak of the Himalayas In India is in       (A) Uttar Pradesh        (B) Kashmir         (C) Sikkim        (D) Himachal Pradesh  Mains 2015

17)  The States which have common borden with China are :       1. Jammu & Kashmir       2. Sikkim       3. Arunachal Pradesh       4. Himachal Pradesh       Which is the correct code      (A) 1 & 3        (B) 1, 3 & 4        (C) 1, 2 & 3        (D) 1, 2 , 3 & 4         Mains 2015

18)  Lacchadweep is a        (A) barrier reef island      (B) coral island       (C) fringing reef island       (D) volcanic island             Mains 2016

19)  Which one of the following channel divides Minicoy from Maldives ?        (A) 9° Channel       (B)  10° Channel        (C) 8° Channel       (D) Grand Channel            Mains 2016

20)  The channel which separates Rameshwaram dwip from Indian main land-        (A) 9° Channel       (B) 10° Channel       (C) Palk Strait        (D) Pumban Channel           Mains 2016

21)  . Which of the following coast has greatest number of lagoons ?        (A) Malabar coast        (B) Konkan coast        (C) Coromondal coast      (D) Kathiawar coast          Mains 2016

22)  . The highest peak of South India is -        (A) Annamalai hill        (B) Palini hill         (C) Dodabetta         (D) Anamudi        Mains 2016

23)  . The mangroove forests are found in -        (A) Western Ghat        (B) Eastern Ghat        (C) Deltaic region of Krishna and Godavari       (D) North-East Himalaya Mains 2016

24)  . The state which has longest coastline is -        (A) Andhra Pradesh         (B) Gujarat        (C) Tamil Nadu        (D) Kerala   Mains 2016

25)  . Palk Strait separates India from -        (A) Pakistan        (B) China        (C) Sri Lanka        (D) Maldives  Mains 2016

26)  . The oldest mountain range of India is -        (A) Satpura        (B) Vindhyas        (C) Aravalli        (D) Himalayas  Mains 2016

27)  . Mcmohan Line is in between -        (A) India and Pakistan      (B) India and Afghanistan       (C) India and China      (D) Pakistan and Afghanistan       Mains 2016

28)  . ----- is a volcanic island of India -        (A) Narcadam         (B) New Moore        (C) Pambass         (D) Rameshwaram       Mains 2016

29)  . Dandkaranya Project is situated in-        (A) Tamil Nadu       (B) Maharashtra        (C) Madlya Pradesh      (D) Goa           Mains 2016

30)  . Which one of the following is the boundary between India and Sri Lanka ?        (A) Gulf of Mannar        (B) Palk bay       (C) Palk Strait       (D) Malacca Strait          Mains 2016

31)  . The highest peak of India in Himalayan range is -        (A) Mt. Everest        (B) Nanda Devi       (C) Kanchanjunga       (D) Godwin Austine       Mains 2016

32)  . Baralachala pass is in -        (A) Punjab        (B) Uttar Pradesh        (C) Uttaranachal       (D) Hlmachal Pradesh  Mains 2016

33)  . Which one of the following is not correctly matched ?        (A) Dhupgarh : Satpura       (B) Panchmarhi : Mahadev       (C) Dodagiri : Nilgiris       (D) Mahendragiri : Eastern Ghats Mains 2016

34)  . Zojila is a pass between -        (A) Kashmir valley and Laddakh       (B) Lahaul valley and Spiti      (C) Chumbi valley and Sikkim       (D) Arunacha! Pradesh and Tibet       Mains 2016

35)  . Which one of the following mountain range is latest in its origin ?        (A) Greater Himalayas      (B) Vindhyas        (C) Siwaliks       (D) Satpura          Mains 2016

36)  . 'Diago Garcia' is an island in the ocean-        (A) Atlantic         (B) Pacific         (C) Indian        (D) Arctic              Mains 2016

37)  . Southern most point of Indian territory is-        (A) Tamil Nadu        (B) Lakshadeep        (C) Trivandrum        (D) Andaman and Nicobar islands               Mains 2016

38)  . Saramati is the highest peak of -        (A) Naga       (B) Aravalli        (C) Himalaya        (D) Nilgiri           Mains 2016

39)  . The Peninsular Plateau of India extends to -        (A) Mizo hills        (B) Himachal Himalayas        (C) Meghalaya hills        (D) Assam valley             Mains 2016

40)  . Pulicut Lake is situated at the coast of -        (A) Malabar Coast        (B) Konkan Coast        (C) Coromandal Coast      (D) None of the above  Mains 2016

41)  . The channel which separates Car Nicobar from little Andaman is -        (A). 9° Channel        (B) 8° Channel          (C) 10° Channel        (D) 7° Channel  Mains 2016

42)  . Majule island formed which river ?        (A) Godavari        (B) Cauvery        (C) Brahmaputra        (D) Krishna     Mains 2016

43)  . The Garo, Khashi, Jainto hills were formed in the same age as -        (A) Himalaya       (B) Malwa Plateau       (C) Siwalik       (D) Himachal Range             Mains 2016

44)  MacMohan Line is a boundary between       (A) India and China       (B) India and Bangladesh       (C) China and Nepal      (D) India and Afghanistan            Mains 2017

45)  Locationally India roughly occupies the central part of       (A) the western hemisphere       (B) the eastern hemisphere       (C) the northern hemisphere       (D) the southern hemisphere           Mains 2017

46)  The shape of India is approximately a       (A) square        (B) triangular        (C) quadrangular       (D) circular    Mains 2017

47)  The Eight Degree Channel forms the boundary between       (A) Lakshadweep and Maldive islands       (B) Andaman and Nicobar islands       (C) India and Srilanka       (D) The Arabin Sea and the Indian Ocean            Mains 2017

48)  The Tropic of Cancer does not pass through which of the following state ?       (A) Madhya Pradesh       (B) Chattishgarh       (C) Bihar      (D) Jharkhand           Mains 2017

49)  In terms of relief the maximum area of India is covered under       (A) mountains       (B) hills      (C) plateaus      (D) plains   Mains 2017

50)  The foot hill areas of the Himalayas are called       (A) Basic Himalayas        (B) Southern Himalayas       (C) Siwalik       (D) Doon          Mains 2017

51)  Which one of the following is a volcanic island in India ?       (A) Amindivi       (B) Dadra       (C) Narcondam        (D) Minicoy   Mains 2017

52)  The Mt. Everest is located in       (A) the Sub-Himalayan region       (B) the Lesser Himalayan region       (C) the Greater Himalayan region       (D) the Trans-Himalayan region   Mains 2017

53)  'Pat Lands' are found in       (A) the Malwa Plateau     (B) Bundelkhand Uplands      (C) Chotanagpur Plateau      (D)   Maharashtra Plateau  Mains 2017

54)  'Jelep La' is a mountain pass located in       (A) Bhutan        (B) Nepal        (C) Arunachal Pradesh       (D) Sikkim Mains 2017

55)  Most of the highest peaks of the Himalayas are located in       (A) the Trans Himalayas      (B) the Central Himalayas      (C) the Middle Himalayas     (D) the Outer Himalayas             Mains 2017

56)  The Luni river has its origin from       (A) The Satpura hills      (B) The Indus river      (C) The Aravalli hills       (D) The Himalayan region    Mains 2017

57)  The Eastern Ghats and The Western Ghats meet at the       (A) Nilgiris       (B) Vindhyas        (C) Satpuras        (D) Palni hills   Mains 2017

58)  The earliest rock formation in India can be found in       (A) the Deccan plateau region       (B) the Himalayan region       (C) the Ganga-Brahmapurra plain region       (D) the Deltaic region     Mains 2017

59)  The 'Deccan Trap' can not be found in the state of       (A) Gujarat       (B) Maharashtra        (C) Karnataka        (D) Tamil Nadu   Mains 2017

60)  According to ISI Seismic Risk Zones the South Bengal Plains lie within       (A) Zone I        (B) Zone II       (C) Zone III       (D) Zone IV     Mains 2017

61)  'Sagarmatha' in the Himalayas is also known as       (A) Dhaulagiri        (B) Kanchenjunga        (C) NangaParvat       (D) Mt. Everest     Mains 2017

62)  A cold desert of India is       (A) Shillong Plateau        (B) Thar       (C) Tibbet       (D) Laddakh Mains 2017

63)  Kadars are the dwellers of       (A) Palni hills         (B) Nilgiri hills         (C) Anaimalai hills        (D) Travancore hills               Mains 2017

64)  Swatch-of-No-Ground is located in       (A) the Godavari continental shelf       (B) the Northern part of the Indian Ocean       (C) the Western coast of India       (D) the Northern part of the Bay of Bengal Mains 2017

65)ছোটনাগপুরের মালভূমি এই শিলায় গঠিত    (A) প্রাচীন আগ্নেয়া শীলা  রুপান্তরিতশীলা     (B) পাললিক শীলা      (C) পলিমাটি      (D) লাভাপ্রবাহ    Preliminary  2009

66)নিম্নলিখিত রাজ্য গুলির মধ্যে কোন রাজ্যের উপকূল করমন্ডল উপকূল নামেপরিচিত ?    (A) কর্ণাটক     (B) কেরালা      (C) উড়িষ্যা      (D) তামিলনাড়ু    Preliminary  2009

67)ভারতের কোন রাজ্যের সীমানা সবচেয়ে বেশী সংখ্যক রাজ্যের সীমানা স্পর্শ করেছে ?      (A)  অন্ধ্রপ্রদেশ     (B) বিহার      (C) মধ্যপ্রদেশ       (D) উত্তরপ্রদেশ    Preliminary  2009

68)কর্কট ক্রান্তি রেখা নিম্নলিখিত কোন রাজ্যের মধ্য দিয়ে গেছে ?     (A) অন্ধ্র প্রদেশ       (B) উত্তর প্রদেশ       (C) মহারাষ্ট্র      (D) মধ্যপ্রদেশ    Preliminary  2009

69)হিমালয় পর্বত শ্রেণী হল   (A) নবীন ভঙ্গিল পর্বত      (B) অবশিষ্ট পর্বত      (C)আগ্নেয়গিরি      (D) স্তুপ পর্বত   Preliminary  2009

70)উত্তর-পূর্বাঞ্চলে ভারত  চীনের সীমান্ত রেখাকে বলা হয়    (A) রাডক্লিফ লাইন       (B)ডুরান্ড লাইন      (C) ম্যাকমোহন লাইন      (D) সিগফ্রিড লাইন    Preliminary  2009

71)নিম্নলিখিত বক্তব্যের মধ্যে কোনটি সঠিক নয় ?   (A) দাক্ষিণাত্য মালভূমির ঢাল পশ্চিমদিকে     (B) পশ্চিমঘাট পর্বতের উচ্চতা উত্তর থেকে দক্ষিণে বৃদ্ধি পেয়েছে    (C)পশ্চিমঘাট পর্বতের উচ্চতা পূর্বঘাট পর্বতের থেকে বেশী    (D) দাক্ষিণাত্য মালভূমিরউত্তর-পশ্চিম অংশ লাভা গঠিত          Preliminary  2009

72)  The Himalayas are       (A) Fold Mountains        (B) Block Mountains        (C) Residual Hills       (D) Table land   Preliminary  2010

73)  Coastal Regulation Zones in India have been identified on the basis of         (A) Tidal Height        (B) Sea Level Rise       (C) Depth of Water       (D) Undersea Bathymetry    Preliminary  2010

74)ভারতে অবস্থিত নিম্নলিখিত অঞ্চলগুলির কোনটি প্রাচীনতম শিলা দিয়ে গঠিত ?       A.হিমালয় পর্বত      B. সিন্ধু-গাঙ্গেয় সমভূমি    C. আরাবল্লী পর্বত     D. শিবালিকপর্বত                  Preliminary  2011

75)‘ডানকান প্রণালী’ নিম্নলিখিত কোন দুটি দ্বীপের মধ্যে অবস্থিত  ?      A. আন্দামান ওনিকোবর দ্বীপপুঞ্জ     B. দক্ষিণ আন্দামান  ক্ষুদ্র আন্দামান     C. ক্ষুদ্র আন্দামান ওনিকোবর     D.  আমিনদিভি  লাক্ষাদ্বীপ দ্বীপপুঞ্জ      Preliminary  2011

       76)পীরপাঞ্জাল গিরি শ্রেণি হিমালয়ের নিম্নলিখিত অংশে অবস্থিত—       (A) ‘Greater’হিমালয় বা উচ্চ হিমালয়       (B)  ‘Trans Himalayas’  অংশ বিশেষ      (C) ‘Lesser’হিমালয় বা মধ্যহিমালয়       (D) শিবালিক        Preliminary 2012
       77)পশ্চিমঘাটের পশ্চিম দিক নিম্নলিখিত ভূখন্ড দ্বারা গঠিত—         (A) ‘Cliff’     (B) ‘Autochthonous nappe’      (C) ‘Fault scarp’      (D) ‘Rockey outlier’                                                                                                   Preliminary 2012
      78)পূর্ব  পশ্চিম ঘাটের সংযোগস্থল হল      (A) পালনী পর্বত     (B) নীলগিরি পর্বত      (C)পালঘাট গ্যাপ      (D) আন্নামালাই পর্বত                                                                                                                               Preliminary 2013
     79)ক্ষেত্র হিসাবে ভারতের স্থান পৃথিবীর মধ্যে      (A) পঞ্চম      (B) সপ্তম      (C) দশম      (D) দ্বাদশতম            Preliminary 2013
       80)নিচের কোন তথ্য জোড়া সঠিকভাবে ম্যাচিং নয় ?(A) হিমালয় টার্শিয়ারি ভঙ্গিল পর্বত(B)দাক্ষিণাত্যের ট্র্যাপ শঙ্কু আগ্নেয় উদগম অঞ্চল(C) পশ্চিমঘাট প্যালিওজোয়িকভঙ্গিল পর্বত(D) আরাবল্লী প্রি-ক্যামব্রিয়ান ক্ষয়্জাত পর্বত                                                                                  Preliminary 2014
81)                তামিলনাড়ু রাজ্যে একাধিক বন্দর থাকবার কারণ(A) এই রাজ্যের দীর্ঘতমসমুদ্রতট       (B) জলের গভীরতা বেশী      (C) তীরে কিছু উপসাগর আছে      (D) তীর rocky নয়    Preliminary 2015

82)                দাক্ষিণাত্য জলদ্বারা পরিবেষ্টিত(A) দক্ষিণ এবং পূর্বে       (B) দক্ষিণ এবংপশ্চিমে        (C) দক্ষিণ পশ্চিমদক্ষিণ এবং দক্ষিনপূর্বে       (D) পূর্বেএবং পশ্চিমে    Preliminary 2015

83)  Highest peak of West Bengal belongs to which of the following mountain ranges ?         (A) Darjeeling range      (B) Singalila range      (C) Jayanti Hill       (D) None of the above          Preliminary 2016

84)  The largest area under wasteland in India is in :          (A) Uttar Pradesh       (B) Madhya Pradesh        (C) Rajasthan        (D) Gujrat       Preliminary 2016

85)  Which one of the following is the junction point of the Eastern Ghats and Western Ghats ?         (A) Javadi Hills        (B) Anaimalai Hilla        (C) Nilgiri Hills        (D) Shevaroy Hills             Preliminary 2016

86)  Shillong plateau is also known as ‘Meghalaya’. It was named by :          (A) O.H.K. Spate        (B) S.P. Chatterjee        (C) D.N. Wadia         (D) R.L. Singh        Preliminary 2016

Get the introductory idea about Physical Divisions  of India

India can be divided into following physical divisions viz.
  • The Northern Mountains
  • The North Indian Plain
  • The Peninsular Plateau
  • Great Indian Desert
  • The coastal Regions
  • Islands

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  1. India is one of the most beautiful places on earth. India, known as the land of the rivers, has its beauty and has been extensively occupied by many passengers since ancient times. Let's learn more about India's geography.India is a vast land of our country. It stretches from Kashmir in the north to Kanyakumari in the north and Kunzin in the west direction from the east to Arunachal Pradesh to the north.

    Spread over a total area of 3.28 square kilometers, it is surrounded by Himalayan in the north, the Bay of Bengal in the east, Arabian Sea in the west and the Indian Ocean in the south. India is the most diverse country in a land area and has the greatest difference in our country.
    India is located in the northern hemisphere of our country between 8 ° 4'N to 37 ° 6'N earthquake and 68 ° 7'E and 97 ° 25'E length. Furthermore, the Tropic of Cancer will be affected by 23 ° 30'N latitude. Because of this, the country experiences a subtle atmosphere. Learn about India's climate in detail.

    Moreover, the longest distance of the country varies. As in Arunachal Pradesh, the sun rises two hours before the Sook region. But we consider the area of 82 ° 30'E to set up Indian situation.

    It is located in the western part of the state of Rajasthan and in some parts of Gujarat. Due to the hot and dry climate, there are fewer plants in this area.At the bottom of the Himalayas lies the northern plains on the right. Due to the network of large rivers such as Ganga, Sind, and Brahmaputra, these plains are filled with abundant landscape and are therefore quite rich. This is the heavy crop of crops. As a result, the northern plains have the maximum density of the population.

    This range creates the backbone of the Himalayas. It has nine of the world's fourteen high peaks. The middle boundary is also called Himalayas. South-very short border, shaky range. VIEW MORE : GST Software


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