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Indus Valley Civilization

Previous Years Questions:

Strategy And Important Areas:
From the above questions we can understand that the questions are come from the bellow areas:

  • 1. Name of Historians and Archaeologist related to which sites. Like: R.D. Banerjee,Dayaram Sahani,Sr.R.Rao, Canninghum,John Marshal, B.B. Lal, Joshi etc(Q2,7,10).
  • 2. North,South,East,West corner sites(Q11).
  • 3. Characteristics of the Civilization like town planning,house type,which product they discover (e.g. Cotton(Sindon),Silver,Gold), which products they don't know (Iron,horse,temple).(Q6,8,9,12,13,14)
  • 4. Important sites their locations,specialities,which items discovered from which site(e.g. Dockyard, plung field of Kalibangan,Granary,dancing girl, rice).(Q1,3,4,5)
  • 5. Few questions in Mains looks too tough like Q 9,10,11 they mostly comes from Krishna Reddy book and UPSC previous years questions. So you can look Questions after basic preparation.

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Important Notes:

  1. My own Note prepare earlier.
  2. Clear IAS Note
  4. IAS Scoore Notes
  5. Note
  6. Jagranjosh notes

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