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WBCS Geography MCQ Chapterwise Part 3

12.   West Bengal 1)     East Kolkata Wetlands were designated a “Wetlands of international importance” under the Ramsar Convention in the year(A) 1972        (B) 1986       (C) 1995        (D) 2002   Mains 2014 2)     Which is the highest peak in West Bengal ? (A) Sandakfu        (B) Falut        (C) Sabargam        (D) Tonglu  Mains 2014 3)     Which of the following districts of West Bengal has the lowest literacy rate in   2011 4)       5)       ?(A) Malda        (B) Murshidabad         (C) Purulia         (D) Uttar Dinajpur   Mains 2014 6)     The approximate percentage of land under forest in West Bengal is(A) 20.5%         (B) 13.5%        (C) 15.5%       (D) 28.5%  Mains 2014 7)     North-South stretch Hooghly industrial belt is from Bansberia to(A) Naihati         (B) Budge Budge        (C) Belghoria      (D) Uluberia  Mains