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WBCS - Job Profile

WBCS officer !
This name only explains the heavy job associated with it ! With arduous work and huge amount of respect for this post, can make anyone fall in love with this profession!
WBCS(West Bengal Civil Service) is the most prestigious state govt job  in West Bengal!
The designation and opportunity of power to serve the people of your nation is enough to inspire any aspirant who want’s to do something helpful in return for his/her motherland
Helps you to serve your own public socially from the grass root level...It involves to carry forward the work according to the decisions taken by government. Here clients base is very large and have a less voice. Clients in this job are general public,most of them do not know their priorities. So, civil servants work even when clients are not so demanding, also here they has to decide the priorities which are important for lager public welfare.

Like me(an aspirant), many candidates are ready to leave there lucrative jobs with good serve the people's from grass root level with tremendous responsibility and pressure.

There are four groups namely Group A(executive), Group B(WBPS), Group C, Group D. Moreover WBCS A and B carde have to tackle political as well as public pressure.

Group A

Group A consists of the following Posts:

a) West Bengal Civil Service (Executive )
(b) West Bengal Commercial Tax Service
(c) West Bengal Agricultural Income Tax Service
(d) West Bengal Excise Service
(e) West Bengal Co-operative Service
(f) West Bengal Labour Service
(g) West Bengal Food and Supplies Service
(h) West Bengal Employment Service
(i) West Bengal Registration and Stamp Revenue Service 

There is about 50-80 vacancies for Group A.
You can see the link to get an idea about no of vacancies:

Group – B :
West Bengal Police Service

Group – C :

(a) Joint Block Development Officer
(b) Deputy Assistant Director of Consumer Affairs and Fair Business Practices
(c) West Bengal Junior Social Welfare Service
(d) Assistant Canal Revenue Officer (Irrigation)
(e) West Bengal Subordinate Land Revenue Service, Grade - I
(f) Assistant Commercial Tax Officer
(g) Chief Controller of Correctional Services
Group – D :
(a) Inspector of Co-operative Societies
(b) Panchayat Development Officer under the Panchayat and Rural Development Department
(c) Rehabilitation Officer under the Refugee Relief and Rehabilitation Department.

West Bengal Civil Service (Executive)
West Bengal Civil Service (Executive) is the most prestigious Post of WBCS Officer...A Dream of most Aspirants.Executive Officers held almost all of the important posts in the districts, directly controlling law-and-order administration including the police administration, development administration as well as revenue administration (except the commercial revenue) and disaster management.
Each year there is about 20-30 vacancies for Executive post.
 Executive Officers start there career as BDO(Block Development Officer). After 3+ year there promoted to Deputy Magistrate and Deputy Collector. On 12+ years’ experience they are promoted to SUB DIVISIONAL OFFICER. After spending 10-15 years in District level Administration they are promoted to Departmental Posts like MANAGING DIRECTOR, PROJECT DIRECTOR, CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER of various Govt. Departments or Additional District Magistrate or even District Magistrate with an Experience of 20-25 years. After 25+ years of experience they are promoted to DEPUTY SECRETARY, JOINT SECRETARY and up to SECRETARY of different Ministries and enjoys Power almost like a state Ministers at the end of point of their career.
You can get an idea about Executive Officers career graph from the link bellow by comparing their post and date of joining.

West Bengal Commercial Tax Service

The Second most important post of WBCS Group A is West Bengal Commercial Tax Service.There is about 15 vacancies each year for this post.
They Join as a Commercial Tax Officer and later promoted to: 
·         Deputy Commissioner of Commercial Taxes  , GP-6600
·         Joint Commissioner of Commercial Taxes  , GP - 7600 
·         Senior Joint Commissioner of Commercial Taxes , GP-7600 & 8700
·         Additional Commissioner Commercial Taxes , GP -8700  
·         Special Commissioner of Commercial Taxes (13 posts ) ,  GP - 10000 
Directorate of Commercial Taxes, Government of West Bengal has been administering the tax which accounts for nearly 70% of the State tax-revenue receipts almost across the board.
You can get information about this job role of this post and other post from the following video:
Interview with Mr. Palash Ranjan Halder, WBCS, Commercial Tax.
More Information about this post:


  1. WBCS is most demanding jobs in India. It has maintenance of Office Administration, Social Welfare and to cooperate administrative works. Promotion and career are the two important thing for the job profile. You will have ample of chance to prove your skill and get promoted to higher rank. If you willing to work in WBCS officer then keep in mind that the notification.

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